Edmund Burke said,
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

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Dr Alan Bougardt is a highly inspirational, imaginative and results driven Leadership, Strategy & Organizational Development Practitioner. He specialises in consulting psychology, psychometric assessment technologies & trauma counselling. Currently, he is the director of a company he formed in 2005, Leadstrong Business Consulting (www.leadstrong.biz), headquartered in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

Alan has enjoyed over 26 years of experience in the people practices industry during which time he worked for a number of large multinationals in the Banking & Finance industry before moving to The Coca-Cola Company. He held various positions at Coca-Cola, but was most passionate about the transformational aspects of people practices, i.e. the disciplines associated with change management, talent management and executive coaching. In 2004, Alan was officially commended by The Coca-Cola Africa Group President Alexander B. Cummings for his contributions to Leadership Development in Africa.

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Over a number of years, Alan partnered with Lt Col. Ron Reid Daly (founder & commanding officer of the Selous Scouts) in helping permanent force soldiers transition back into civilian life. This transition included many hours of trauma counselling. In 2004, Alan was commended by Col. Ron for leading a training & survival expedition in Mozambique. Alan himself served as a platoon commander & instructor with the rank of Lieutenant in the South African Defense Force, with Regiment Pretorius and with the 6 Light Anti-aircraft regiment. Called up during the 1994 elections, Alan played a role in South Africa’s peaceful transition to a new democracy.

As a skilled business leader & enabler of sustainable performance-enhancing change, Alan has a documented track record of delivering results within multinational & highly matrixed enterprises. His work experience has taken him to over three-quarters of the world’s 205 countries. While he absolutely loves spending time in boardrooms with executive & leadership teams, he has a huge passion for wilderness areas and wildlife.

Living life as a learner explorer, Alan continues every day to unearth potential in the communities and lives of those he interacts with. Creating and facilitating educational opportunities for others is a huge part of who he is. An important element of his vision includes not only preventing rhinos from being poached, but educating local communities, creating work opportunities and increasing the size of the rhino population in Southern Africa.

  • Dr Alan Bougardt
    Dr Alan Bougardt Director and founder
  • Marc Stenri
    Marc Stenri

Marc Stenri has an accounting background having qualified many years ago. A few years in the corporate jungle and self-employed ever since.

He has travelled extensively throughout South Africa visiting most of the Wild Life Parks, but in particular the Kruger and Pilanesberg Parks on a regular basis. He is passionate about our diverse wild life, both big and small, and LIISR affords him the opportunity to make a difference.

Gym, hockey and good friends complete the circle of life.

Dr Allison Glass is a medical doctor with a specialisation in clinical virology. She is a partner at a private diagnostic laboratory in Johannesburg.

She is passionate about people and their development. By educating and empowering people, they can change their world for the better.  This drives her particular interest in the LIISR Community Education & Development Programmes.

In her spare time, Allison is an ultra-distance runner and an aspiring novelist.

  • Dr Allison Glass
    Dr Allison Glass
  • Elben Shaw
    Elben Shaw

Elben is the co-owner and a director of FUGE, a multi-discipline branding and marketing agency based in Gauteng. With his acute branding knowledge, he has the ability to help guide businesses to capture, reflect and deliver a unique brand personality. Along with his strengths in strategic brand insights, project management skills, and operational management he also helps to drive FUGE’s strategic growth, as well as that of its clients.

With a deep-rooted love for the African bush and its wildlife, he passionately contributes towards a brighter future for endangered animals.

Andrew Jackson studied Nature Conservation at Pretoria Technikon. He has been involved in conservation for the past 22 years with the majority of that time spent in the Pilanesberg National Park. He is currently the head of anti-poaching at the Black Rhino Private Game Reserve in the greater Pilanesberg area where his main focus is the prevention of rhino poaching. Anyone who meets Andrew is immediately struck by his love for the bush, wide-open spaces and all the creatures that inhabit these areas. It is this devotion that has driven Andrew to dedicate most of his time, energy and skills to serving nature in very practical ways. He is a wealth of knowledge and has a host of phenomenal stories to tell.

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson
  • Jacques Kruger
    Jacques Kruger

Jacques Kruger is a talented, knowledgeable game ranger currently based at Black Rhino Reserve in the Pilanesberg. He is a FGASA level 2 full trails guide and savanna biome specialist. He placed third in the Southern African Safari Guide of the Year 2018, a competition that evaluates a ranger’s ability in the categories of walking trails, game drives, birding, tracking and storytelling.

Jacques believes that the success of conservation is dependent on the basic understanding that all living creatures, from insects to large mammals, are important for the maintenance of ecological balance. He is driven by a desire to educate people to better understand their environment and the importance of biodiversity.


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