Rhino Orphanage Project

Rhino Orphanage Project

Our plans:

  • To upgrade 29.7km of the existing fence around the north-west boundary of the Black Rhino Reserve in the Pilanesberg;
  • To acquire land in a remote undulating area for a breeding programme consisting of 6 rhino cows and their calves;
  • To use the same land for the establishment of a rhino orphanage.

When a young rhino loses its mom, it is lost to the wild as calves are not adopted by other adult rhinos as is the case with some other species.

Surveillance & Anti-Poaching

Surveillance & Anti-Poaching

  • Training up and kitting out of 3 new anti-poaching units in the Pilansberg consisting of 36 operatives sourced from communities that border the Pilanesberg National Park.
  • Arming the head of anti-poaching at Black Rhino Reserve.
  • Purchasing an additional vehicle for anti-poaching patrols in the Pilanesberg.
  • Purchasing 4 Paramotor Gliders for aerial surveillance of the park together with with training of 4 pilots.
  • Purchasing 2 drones with night time capabilities.
Community Education & Development

Community Education & Development

Facilitating Community Education & Development Programmes (CEDP’s) in the communities bordering the North West areas of the Pilanesberg beginning with the Mothlabe, Bakgatla & Tlhathaganyane Communities.

Help fund our work

We are able to run the LIISR operations thanks to donations from individuals and businesses, fundraising events and grants from conservation organisations – as well as donations received from members of the LIISR.

Unfortunately it takes a lot of man power and equipment to do what we do, and we need your help to fund our operations.

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We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with esteemed auditing firm Nolands.

Transparency in our allocation of donations and funds gives you peace of mind, knowing that your funds go directly to the conservation and rehabilitation of injured and endangered animals.

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